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Action Grants

This grant program has ended - the information below describes how the program was run.

Purpose of Grants

The Rural Women’s Issues Committee of Saskatchewan was created to develop opportunities for rural women to work together to improve situations affecting their well-being. In a series of workshops held by RWICS rural women identified their concerns, created visions and suggested actions to achieve those visions. The Rural Women’s Action Grants provided women with financial support to carry out these actions.

The grants could cover several different types of actions: public meetings, research, work related to the image of rural women, or support for women conveying their views to decision-makers on factors affecting the well-being of rural women.

Grant Criteria

  1. Projects were carried from 2007 to 2009.
  2. Grants ranged from $250 to $500. Projects that partnered with several organizations could receive additional funds. Preference was given to applicants who had attended an RWICS workshop.
  3. Grants were available to individuals, groups of individuals or organizations. Sponsoring Organizations applying for the grant were required to be non-profit. However, applicants could partner with other types of organizations.
  4. Organizations involved did not have to be solely women’s organizations, but needed to have women in the leadership role of the event or project. The projects were to address topics raised in RWICS workshops. See list of Themes.
  5. The projects were required to support equality for women and consider and support the well-being of rural women.

Follow-up Report

A brief follow-up report was required, including a description of the action, results, photos, newspaper articles or other media coverage and a budget indicating where the money was spent.

Events Sponsored by RWICS Grants

  • Doctor Mom - Rosetown
  • Empowering Women Through Physical and Mental Health - Lake Lenore
  • Informing Rural Women About Menopause - Lake Lenore
  • It's Your Health: Take Control of It By Learning - Watrous
  • Les 20 ans de la FPF (Fédération provinciale des fransaskoises) & Presentations Honouring the Contributions of Women in Leadership - Bellevue, Gravelbourg, Debden, Zénon Park, Domremy, Bellegarde
  • Rural Women's Issues Luncheon - Spiritwood
  • Santé au Féminin - Prince Albert
  • Saskatchewan Women's Institutes' International Women's Day Event - Redvers
  • Strawberries and Humour & Volunteer Recognition Awards - Paradise Hill
  • Women Elders Chronicle - Wynyard
  • Women's Retreat - Shell Lake
  • Women's Wellness Workshop: Me Myself and I - Unity

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