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This section contains links to particular reports or information. Suggestions for additions to this list are welcomed.

Rural Women

A Rural Women's Health Program: The Experience of the South Westman RHA
L. Donner.

An Exploration of Health-Related Impacts of the Erosion of Agriculturally Focused Support Programs for Farm Women in Saskatchewan
N. Gerrard, G. Russell.

Factors Associated with Female Employment Rates in Rural and Small Town Canada
Statistics Canada.

Farm Women and Canadian Agricultural Policy
Carla Roppel, Annette Aurélie Desmarais, Diane Martz.

Fourth World Congress of Rural Women
April 23-26, 2007, South Africa. Proceedings and Declaration.

Rural, Remote and Northern Women's Health: Summary Report
R. Sutherns, M. McPhedran, M. Haworth-Brockman.
     Accompanying Community Kit
     R. Sutherns. S. Fish,

Select Saskatchewan Rural Women’s Perceptions of Health Reform: A Preliminary Consideration
Pammla Petrucka, and Donna Smith

Women and Health: Experiences in a Rural Regional Health Authority
J. Roberts, M. Falk, South Eastman Health/Santé Sud-Est Inc.

Specific Rural Issues

Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE): An Annotated Review of International Literature
Maureen McCallum, Rebecca Sutherns, Margaret Haworth-Brockman.

The Farmers’ Share: Compare the Share
Diane Martz, Centre for Rural Studies and Enrichment.

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