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A large number of actions were recommended by rural women in the 6 workshops and the forum organized by RWICS. The themes brought forward in the workshops were Leadership, Health, Community, Farming and Environment [Link to those headings on this page].


  • SELFCARE: self respect, women taking time to care for themselves, “self-care is not selfish”
  • RECOGNITION: of the important roles played by rural women in media, awards for rural women, in the arts
  • COMPENSATION: for the work done by women, including farm work, caring for children, elder care, pensions
  • FUNDING: for women’s organizations and projects, business and IT networks
  • NETWORKS: among rural women, workshops, websites
  • TRAINING: for leadership, involvement on boards and commissions, public life
  • DECISION-MAKERS: women in leadership positions, boards and commissions, political office, policy-making
  • HRCAN: involve women in Health Region Community Advisory Networks


  • WOMEN: informing women, the health care system and the public about women’s health
  • INFORMATION: about health services available, communication with health care providers
  • ACCESS: to services locally, visiting specialists, long-term doctors
  • TRANSPORTATION: Transportation for seniors, tax deduction for travel expenses, coordinate travel and medical appointments, recognize costs of travel due to centralization
  • ADVOCATES: for patients and their families navigating the health care system
  • SERVICES: for rural areas, including diagnostic, emergency, nurse practitioner, physiotherapy, cancer support, and midwifery services
  • HOMECARE: better homecare and respite for seniors, children and adults with disabilities, palliative care
  • SENIORS: keeping seniors actively living in their home communities, health services, transportation, adult day care and respite care, home maintenance, housing, information about services
  • MENTAL HEALTH: greater understanding of mental health, better access to services, wholistic mental health, role of the community, women’s mental health
  • PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: better understanding about women and pharmaceuticals
  • RESEARCH: government funding of medical research
  • ALTERNATE HEALTH: positive lifestyles and availability of alternative health services
  • NUTRITION: affordability and availability of nutritious food, understanding of nutrition, community kitchens, inter-cultural potlucks


  • CHILD & YOUTH: positive role models, involvement in community, appropriate services
  • VIOLENCE: eliminate violence against women and in families
  • VANDALISM & BULLYING: address and prevent in schools and communities
  • RESPECT: yourself and others, other cultures, intergenerational connections
  • SCHOOLS: keep schools alive, playing a broader role in the community, multiple uses for buildings
  • CHILDCARE: for young mothers, farmers, supporting work and educational involvement
  • ADULT EDUCATION: available in rural areas and support for women accessing education
  • VISION: positive visions for our communities
  • PEOPLE: rural areas become inviting places for young families and new Canadians
  • EMPLOYMENT: rural opportunities, working with unions, training available
  • BUILDINGS: maintain and make good use of current buildings, suitable housing for youth and seniors
  • TRANSPORTATION: good roads and public transportation, railways
  • ECONOMY: positive rural economy, address rural poverty


  • FARM INCOME: adequate income for farm families, greater understanding among non-farmers
  • MARKETING: maintain the Canadian Wheat Board
  • SEEDS & RESEARCH: government funded research for the public good


  • AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES: respect environment
  • EDUCATION: inform public, change attitudes towards environment
  • AIR & WATER: protect and improve air and water quality
  • RECYCLE: individuals take action to conserve energy and recycle, more local recycling
  • SIMPLIFY: simplify lifestyles, consume less, enjoy more

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